7 Jul 2006

I never knew...

That our blogs had a dual, in some cases even a dubious identity. Presenting an anagarammatic version of the blogs listed on At Home, Writing. Enjoy the wacky, inane, intelligtent, perfect, outrageous second identities. I hope I covered all blogs linked here. Sorry if I missed any. Oh wait, maybe you are happy I missed yours!

At Home, Writing
sternest: Now irate might.

webuser: Of Chapters and Reels
sternest: Sharp, saner cold feet.

webuser: Hard to Want
sternest: To and wrath.

webuser: Musings
sternest: Smug sin.

webuser: While I am thinking of it
sternest: I'm a white-hot if inkling.

webuser: The Clarity of Night
sternest: Fetching, throatily.

webuser: Tales at Twilight
sternest: Little aghast wit.

webuser: An Innocent A Blog
sternest: Not. Cannibal gone.

webuser: Flash Flood
sternest: Shod of fall.

webuser: The Prose Nest
sternest: Sternest hope.

webuser: And nothing else matters
sternest: Handiest angel torments.

webuser: A reader's words
sternest: Swearers or add.

webuser: The Write thing
sternest: The tighter win.

webuser: Heaven tree
sternest: Veneer hate.

webuser: Kappa no he
sternest: Happen oak.

webuser: Lotus Reads
sternest: Lust adores.

webuser: Midnight Writings
sternest: Trim singing width.

webuser: Southern Expressions
sternest: Oh No! Sexiest spurners.

webuser: Peregrinas
sternest: Paris green.

webuser: Writer's Edge
sternest: Sweeter grid.

webuser: Fireflies in the cloud
sternest: Chief, fluent idoliser.

webuser: Jamieford.com
sternest: Major of medic.

webuser: John Baker's Blog
sternest: Blob gnash joker.

webuser: So you want to be a writer
sternest: Beauty! Traitors owe now.

webuser: Remaindered Random Musings
sternest: Domineering and mass-murder.

webuser: Blogdangit
sternest: It gang bold.

webuser: No rules. Just write.
sternest: Slow injure truest.

webuser: Enter the laughter
sternest: The gentle urethra.

webuser: A newbie's guide to publishing
sternest: Dubious weighting plebeians.

webuser: Bengali Literature
sternest: Alert able intrigue.

webuser: Cancer Mom
sternest: Corn cam me.

webuser: Abhinav Aima Rants
sternest: Aha! Vibrant manias.

webuser: In the Middle
sternest: The idle mind.

webuser: Benjamin Solah's Blog
sternest: Jam on slobbish angel.

webuser: Life as it happens
sternest: In filth appeases.

webuser: No rules. Just write
sternest: Slow injure truest.

webuser: Terrorism News
sternest: Sworn, merriest.

webuser: The empire falls
sternest: Fill sheep-tamer.

webuser: Stones in the field
sternest: Not idle heftiness.

webuser: Hot Diggity
sternest: Hog tidy git.

webuser: Outside my window
sternest: O My! Is wounded wit.

webuser: Shameless words
sternest: Wordless shames.

webuser: Writing after dark
sternest: Tawdrier king fart.

webuser: Writings and musings of Paul West
sternest: Satanists win powerful smudging.

sternest: Vend 'n' scenic 'n' vivid vend.

webuser: Blue Speckled eggs
sternest: Speckles leg debug.

webuser: Liv's life
sternest: I've fills.

webuser: Loving Twilight
sternest: Vigil light town.

webuser: Lima Beans and Delhi Chaat
sternest: Am headiest ball and chain.

And just in case you are wondering if I've had too much time on my hands lately, no, that's not the case. I am no anagram champion either. I was introduced to these hidden identities of our blogs here. So you see, I am not to blame!



jason evans said...

Sury, oh my, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.\

"Fetching, throatily." I'm not sure I like the sound of that! ;) My favorites were Innocent A-Blog and Writing After Dark.

Genius. Sheer genius. Thanks!

Shameless said...

wonderful stuff!

Scott said...

To and wrath. Could of been cooler, but there is a bit of truth to it. What a cool tool that is!

Bernita said...

"The gentle uretha?"
You delightful, wicked child.

Bhaswati said...

Jason, I have several favourites in that list. Fireflies in the Cloud, yours (yes I laughed very hard too), While I am thinking of it, An Innocent A-Blog...

I found the re-version of Tales at Twilight so apt. Anthony writes a bit of dark ficition, sometimes with a pinch of humour thrown in and "Little Aghast Wit" sounds so apt. Same with The Prose Nest.

Shameless, glad you enjoyed it. As you can see, goofing off is one of my life's pursuits ;)

I bet, Scott. The moment I saw that site, I just had to punch in all our blog names. :p

LOLOL, Bernita. I know, I know, some of those better be censored. But I reported like the objective journalist, not commenting on any of the anagram blog names, just presenting them. Had to share the fruits of my mischief with you all. :P

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Little aghast wit?

Yeah, that sounds about right. :-)

This was a lot of fun Sury, I love this kind of stuff. Oh man, I'd list my fsavorites, but the list would be too long.

Yoda said...

My favorite:

webuser: Shameless words
sternest: Wordless shames

Amazing link, Bhaswati!

Flood said...

webuser: So you want to be a writer
sternest: Beauty! Traitors owe now.

webuser: Southern Expressions
sternest: Oh No! Sexiest spurners.

So funny! And now I have a name for a blog if I ever want an altae-ego.

Thanks, Bhaswati!

Bhaswati said...

Oni, see? I knew Sternest Meanings did a good job of reshaping your blog name ;). I have a long list of favourites too. I amazed to see how intelligent some of the results are.

Yoda, come to think of it, I found the anagram pun on your blog rather cool too. Handiest angel torments??? LOLOL. I like the cool reversal of the Shamless Words blog, too.

Aren't they just cool, Flood? Glad you enjoyed :)

vanessa said...

Too funny Sury! Thanks for sharing. "It gang bold"...WOW! This is way too cool.

Bhaswati said...

LOL, isn't it, Vanessa? Your blog reversal sounds like a Western movie to me;)

Jeff said...

webuser: The Write thing
sternest: The tighter win.

Thank you, I think. lol

Bhaswati said...

That's rather agreeable, Jeff. As long as it's a win ;)

Matt D. said...

This is hilarious.

"Chief, fluent idoliser."


Another one for mine is "Filth Lied, Ice foes run."

Georganna Hancock said...

Oh, I love it, Sweeter Grid! Much better than the way it looks when the URL is written out: Writer Sedge.

Bhaswati said...

LOL, Matt. I really liked the Sternest Meaning of your blog. The other one you mention is funny too.

Georganna, time for a name change for your blog? Just kidding ;)

September said...

What-ho! Unfitness and heathy musky. Grunt now highlight huge halo.

Translation: That was funny. Thanks. You had me laughing through the whole thing.

September said...

fetching, thoatily? ROFL

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