6 Mar 2007

Ready to Fly

In the course of becoming a bad-to-worse blogger, making turtle-rate progress with my WIP, trying to become a serious freelance writer, and nursing a sore knee, I managed to steal 25 days for a vacation. Am off tomorrow, to Bengal.

All five senses are alert and excited. I hope it turns out a trip to remember.

I will miss you all. Honest.


cesarcarlos said...

Have the most wonderful time, Sury! I know this experience will make a better writer out of you, if that's posible ;) Eager toread your accounts :D

Stay safe and have fun!!!


Ashley said...

oh, have fun, maybe you will find a new love for travel writing

Andrea said...

Hey Sury!

Miss talking to ya. I hope you have a safe and fun trip.

Marti said...

Best wishes for a great trip!

Prashanth said...

Hi Sury, been a long time, so i just popped in to see you've flown to a nice holiday abode. Here's to a good time.

Bhaswati said...

Cesar, I don't know if I improved as a writer because of the trip, but I sure collected some memorable experiences. The muse could make use of those as the spirit moves. Thanks for the cheer. :-)

Ashley, I've wanted to be a travel writer all my life. With the material gathered from this trip, I would start taking baby steps toward that dream.

South, I have missed you, too! Thanks for dropping by. :-)

Marti and Prashanth, thank you both so much for checking on me. :-)

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