18 Jun 2007

The Wait

I waited for you.

I waited through days that won’t turn into nights.

I waited even as others fled, unable to bear the separation.

I waited with the still, suffocating air that drained out my senses.

For you I survived, barely alive, yet expectant, when others died.

I waited when the prophets said you would take a long time coming.


And then, you came.

You brought the cool brush of night right into the day.

You embraced me with a smile; my reward for not deserting you.

You changed the very complexion of the air with your every stance.

You put life back into dead, parched souls with your lush strokes.

You came for me, defying the prophets.

You came.

Dearest Rain.


cesarcarlos said...

Seems like a much worthy wait :D This is a lovely poem, Sury. Beautiful post!

Sid Leavitt said...

I second cesarcarlos' thoughts, although I live in the northeastern United States where the wait usually isn't long. Besides your lovely poetry, Bhaswati, you have a lovely nickname, Sury. Would you care to explain?

Prashanth said...

I like the cool brush part. Very. So right. well written.

Anonymous said...

While reading this, somehow I was reminded of the scene when it rains on the 12th day of the swami's penance.

Anthony Rapino said...

Love it. I like your choice of form, making it almost like a riddle, so the reader has to put some thought into it.

Also, the multiple meanings. I read it once (before seeing the title and picture) and then again, with two different emotions.

Bhaswati said...

Cesar, thank you. :)

Sid, thanks for the kind words. Actually I didn't set out to write poetry at all (it doesn't come to me). I just jotted down a string of thoughts that occurred on a rain-washed morning.

Sury, that's just an abridged version of Suryamukhi, which means sunflower in Sanskrit, the mother language of many Indian languages. For long I associated myself with the sunflower, hence that nick name. :)

Prashanth, you continue to be kind. Thanks. :)

Bhupinder, your reference is lost on me, :P. 'Don't think I know what you are talking about. But yes, a penance I did undergo, what with this year's heat nearly killing me.

Oni, thanks! That was what I intended to do, just tease a bit until revealing the subject of my waiting in no complex terms. Glad it spoke to you the way I wanted. :-)

Anonymous said...

oops, I forgot to mention the name of the movie- my reference was to the rain scene in the movie "Guide" , based on RK's novel.

White Square said...

Rains bring some of the most original emotions...and after the scorching summer heat of Delhi when the monsoon comes, it brings the much needed joy in life...a very timely poem Bhaswati...the wait is over, it came for you defying the prophets!

Bernita said...

VERY beautiful, Bhaswati.

Bhaswati said...

Bhupinder, now it makes sense. I saw Guide a long time back, and my memory isn't all that faithful at times. Thanks for solving the mystery for me.

Abhay, you said it. It sure was a grueling wait, but with the very first spell of rain, all that seemed to get washed away.

Bernita, thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem :) It embodies such a religious feeling to it.

Bhaswati said...

Thank you so much, Alicia. For calling this a poem in the first place (:P) and for your kind words.

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