13 Jun 2007

Wole Soyinka

Came across a good interview of Wole Soyinka in The Hindu. The Nigerian Nobel laureate makes a couple of thought-provoking points. One: Real writers write, no matter the circumstances they are in or their state of mind at any given point of time. And two, intellectual analysis of a writer's isolation or persecution often becomes an exercise in fantasizing reality.

He also makes an interesting, if debatable, point on responding to violence with violence.

Read the full interview here.


abhay k said...

Hi Bhaswati,
What an informative post! I did not even know about him( Only Nigerian writer I read is Chinua Achebe- Things Fall Apart) and after reading your post and his interview in the Hindu I feel a lot more informed.
He has Desmond Tutu nearby to understand violence and non-violence more deeply. I would surf the net to know more about him.
Thank you so much!

Andrea said...

Great interview. Sounds like an interesting guy.

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